Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Sweden’s biggest literary magazine

“… the action in  Björndansen (Made in Sweden) is captivating. This will likely be one of the year’s most successful Swedish crime novels…” “… the brothers’ love for one another and their relationship with their father are some of the most significant aspects of the novel and are just as fascinating as the story of their crimes… ” “… Björndansen (Made … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Ystads Allehanda (Swedish morning paper)

“… Made in Sweden is thoroughly exciting from the first line to the last. No matter whether we’re talking about the descriptions of bank heists, getaways, love between brothers, violence in their childhood home or just about the dream that keeps them going, this book is thrilling…” “… seductively well-written… ” “… the heists are brilliantly planned, which is also … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Helsingborgs Dagblad (Swedish morning paper)

“…incredibly efficient and easy to read, even in the most disturbing passages, but that should come as no surprise: Thunberg writes film manuscripts, and we already know what Roslund can do…” “… but the most gripping, thrilling aspect for readers is the story of Stefan Thunberg’s family and the bonds among its members…” Click here to read the full review.

Roslund & Thunberg reviewed in Skånska Dagbladet (Swedish morning paper)

“… Björndansen (Made in Sweden) is a sex hundred pages long page-turner. Afterwards I’m breathing heavy of the achievement and is knocked out by the story… ” “… fact is deftly disguised as fiction, making Björndansen ( Made in Sweden) a shocking portrayal of the evolution of hard crime and its consequences…” “… a remarkable blend of fact and fiction…” “…despite the strong personal presence, Björndansen (Made … Read More