Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed on Leestafel

“… what makes this book irresistible and overwhelming is how the tension builds up brilliantly. I found myself having to breathe a sigh of relief when a bank robbery went smoothly… ” “… Made in Sweden is a book that begins as an exciting action-thriller about four bank robbers but results in a fascinating psychological thriller about family ties, childhood … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in de Volkskrant

“… an astonishing story… ” “… a book that seems infallible: the combination of a successful screenwriter and an internationally acclaimed writer of incredibly suspenseful thrillers, and a sticker with ‘based on a true story’ on the cover… ” “… it seems like nothing can go wrong with Made in Sweden. Bring on the cartloads of stars, the stellar reviews … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Het Nieuwsblad

“… the author’s point of view in Made in Sweden is remarkable: a man describes how his three brothers (and his father) were able to completely steal away the Swedish innocence, all by themselves… ” “… you know it won’t end well, and yet it remains exciting. Never before have I read a book that so succesfully explains how people … Read More

*Five out of five stars* for Made in Sweden on Hebban Crimezone

“… the very different ways in which children respond to extreme violence – while one copies the behavior, the other focuses obsessively on violent crimes – are portrayed magnificently… ” “… the writing duo aptly plays with time and perspective. Because of the parallel descriptions a minute can last for many pages and the reader will feel involved in a … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Kommunalarbetaren

“… it is dense, well written and exciting – often you gasp for breath. The police are constantly so close and you continue nervously reading when the robber gang approache the abyss… ” Read the whole story in Kommunalarbetaren here.

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in NRC Handelsblad

“… this comprehensive book is really poignant for two reasons, partly because the exciting description of the carefully planned preparation and meticulously executed robberies, and partly because of the instinctive understanding you get for the boys, trained by their hideous youth and knowledge of how clever use of extreme violence makes people defenseless… ” “… this successful thriller also describes … Read More

Made in Sweden / Björndansen reviewed in Aftonbladet

“… Made in Sweden / Björndansen is a suspenseful book, especially the portrayal of the studiously planned bank heists… ” “… the social game, the relationships within the dysfunctional family is more developed than in the average crime novel… ” “… Made in Sweden / Björndansen is a novel where we know already from the beginning how it will all end, but … Read More