L’Indépendant: “650 thrilling and engaging pages!”

Roslund & Thunberg’s Made in Sweden is reviewed in L’Indépendant: “‘Made in Sweden’ by Roslund & Thunberg – 650 thrilling and engaging pages …   This thriller, inspired by real events, tells the violent journey of three brothers in the 90s. They broke the century by stealing weapons in a secret military base. / ‘Made in Sweden’ de Roslund et Thunberg, … Read More

Lecture Ecriture: “Oh my goodness, what a book!”

Roslund & Thunberg’s  Made in Sweden I is reviewed in Lecture Ecriture : “Oh my goodness, what a book!  I couldn’t put it away in the evening, I had to go to the end of the story … It’s an understatement to say that the novel is fascinating and well-constructed. The characters are fantastic (oh, that Leo …) and it’s breathtaking when the … Read More

Onedio: “Get ready! This book will take you to a whole new world!”

Roslund & Thunberg’s İsveç Çetesi (Björndansen / Made in Sweden) is reviewed in Onedio: “Smart movements and breathtaking actions … Get ready! This book will take you to a whole new world. / Zekice hareket etmeleri ve nefes kesen aksiyonlarıyla sizi … Hazır olun! Bu kitap sizi bambaşka diyarlara götürecek.” Read the whole story here.